This is a list of memories that make us laugh. 

No shit, there I was...

1.  Drinking water from a tap with a sign saying "NON POTABLE WATER-- DO NOT DRINK"
2.  Swimming in Chesapeake Bay in 57 degree water and I did not feel a thing!
3.  On a hundred mile bike ride with only WATER in fuel bottles!
4.  In the middle of Lake Austin in December at 5AM.  Dizzy, disoriented, and alone.
5.  Eating pizza
6.  Trying to drink hot water after a cold swim and shaking so bad I spilled it all over my lap causing 3rd degree burns
7.  Trying to drive to UT after a cold swim in Lake Austin
8.  Standing on the dock yelling "Gracie" at the top of my lungs
9.  Talking to LCRA dispatch.  And again a few days later.
10.  Hyperventilating and collapsing after my first To The Bridge and Back Swim
11.  Swimming in Dover Harbor in January
12.  Sitting in my car with the heater turned on full blast and shivering out of control.  The outside air was 100 degrees.
13.  Crossing the finish line after 140.6!
14.  Doing the old english backstroke in 45 degree water and laughing!
15.  Hearing voices in my head saying "it is about not slowing down" and listening!
16.  Fixing my second flat of the day and third in 2 days when a friend said "have you ever used Mr. Tuffy's?"
17.  Riding my bike at 3:30 in the morning and it was 28 degrees. My nose was running!
18.  Riding my bike on highway 620 during rush hour in my Speedo
19.  Asking for another cortisone shot in my heel 
20.  Ordering anti-jellyfish sunscreen and then needing it
21.  Packing my bags and making sure a big tub of vaseline was in my carry on
22.  Riding my bike up a 30 min. climb, down a 1:30 descent to the Pacific ocean, up hwy 1 and back over the Santa Cruz mountains.
23.  Picking up a stone on the beach in France
24.  Standing around the pool at 5AM on Nov 21, 2005 saying "Yes" to Lynne - not knowing much about the Channel other than how much fun Lynne and Fred are having training for it
25.  Eating ice cream in the name of training
26.  Explaining to my Mom that there's no such thing as hypothermia and that the swim is safe because there are ambulaces on site in case of cadiac arrest
27.  Asking for a 3rd series of cortisone shots in my heel for a total sum of 6 shots since March
28.  Riding my bike around the block with my dog on her leash. She needed the exercise and I can't run.
29.  In the middle of the pitch dark ocean, at midnight, swimming, thinking about sharks, while on my period
30.  Talking to the LCRA AGAIN and getting his phone number.
31.  Taking an ice bath to acclimate, and pushing the ice cubes out of the way so I could read the temperature.